March 2014

5 new stores coming this spring!


Next week, our 2nd Upper East Side location opens at 70TH ST & 1ST AVE! Keep posted for details on our Grand Opening promotion (there will be a “buy one, get one” deal!).


We are super excited to open our first location in the Garden State! Our WAYNE, NJ store opens within the next two weeks. To kick off the store opening, we’re celebrating with a FREE SALAD DAY, so stay tuned for details.


Not only are we crossing state lines, we are venturing into DUBAI. Opening within the next month, check out Just Salad Dubai’s Facebook & Instagram pages to stay up to date on their progress.


HUDSON SQUARE is finally getting a Just Salad! Opening this spring at the corner of Hudson and Vandam Streets, be sure to walk by and enter our Instagram contest (details are posted on the window!).


And lastly, we are bringing more salad-love to FiDi at the corner of BROAD & BRIDGE ST. Have a location suggestion? Tell us!

#ChefLauraChallenge: Results!

Laura Pensiero, our Chef and Registered Dietitian, ate Just Salad every day for lunch and dinner for two weeks, creating her own #ChefLauraChallenge. Check out her first entry to learn more, and keep reading below to see how she did!

Reflecting on my journey through the Chef Laura Challenge, I’ve had my ups and downs, but in the end, I have learned so much AND seen great results.

Let’s start with the challenges. By the end of the first week, I felt maxed out on salad. I’m convinced this would have been a lot easier during the hot weather months when salad feels more natural, but in the dreary February month, salad definitely doesn’t feel comforting or nourishing enough. Luckily, with all of the salad and menu varieties at Just Salad, I can’t say that I’m limited in options. I’ve mixed my lettuces between dark and light, blended low-fat dressings and even switched it up with some soups, such as the Vegetable Split Pea.


From there, I’ve learned that having a plan is fundamental in being successful. At first, I was going to Just Salad slightly hungry and without a plan. Half-way through the challenge, I started mapping out my salads online with Nutritionix, rather than calculating while in line at the store. A ‘plan’ is providing more balance and tampering down any anxiety about balance. I also determined that protein is essential! By doubling my protein at lunch, I felt fuller longer and my cravings for unhealthy snacks was greatly reduced.

I’ve also realized that slow eating is key. Eating slowly allows you to be more conscious or mindful and increases the response of hormones that let us know we’re satiated. Take time to chew your food, and appreciate the nourishment!

And now for the results…drumroll please!!

Chef Laura

In just two weeks of walking more, hydrating more, and eating with a plan… I’ve lost 8.2 pounds and 7 inches in total! The funny thing is, I knew all of the nutrition tips and tricks prior to the challenge. However, by being proactive in these 2 weeks, and acting on my knowledge, I’ve seen results and feel great! These past 2 weeks were a great “jumpstart” to my lifestyle change. I want you to keep in mind that two huge salads per day is sustainable only in the short run, but is a great way to jumpstart into healthy eating, break bad habits, and learn from the challenges it poses. That said, the variety at Just Salad helps keep it interesting!

Thank you so much for following on my journey. It’s amazing how simple changes I’ve made (through eating at Just Salad) can yield great results! In two weeks, I will be sure to update you all with how things are going post-#ChefLauraChallenge. (Let’s just say, I plan on incorporating everything I have learned + I bought a spinning bike to stay active no matter the season!)

Until then, keep on eating healthy!

Chef Laura Pensiero

Questions about the #ChefLauraChallenge? Tweet us @justsalad! We’re happy to ask Chef Laura any questions.