Fresh Deal: $2 off Purity.Organic


This October, save $2 on Purity.Organic at all Just Salad locations! This superjuice is USDA Certified Organic and packed with organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Salad or wrap purchase required. Limit one per person, per visit. While supplies last.


Employee Spotlight – Eduardo

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Meet Eduardo, a Chopper from our 320 Park Avenue location. Not only is he known for being one of our best employees, he is Just Salad’s very first Chopper!

Since before we even opened our doors, Eduardo has been a non-stop chop machine. While walking by our 320 Park Avenue location, which was still under construction, Eduardo asked founder Rob Crespi if they needed any help with setting up the store. Rob said yes and Eduardo began his career at Just Salad! Eduardo has loved being a chopper for the past nine years and our regulars always ask for him. When he is not killing it in the salad game, Eduardo spends his time playing and watching soccer, his favorite past time. Eduardo is one of our most faithful and beloved employees.

Here’s to you, Eduardo!

Food Bank + Just Salad


Just Salad is proud to partner with Food Bank For New York City, one of the city’s major hunger-relief organizations, working to end hunger throughout the five boroughs for more than 30 years. Food Bank helps to provide more than 64 million free meals per year to New Yorkers in need!

Go Orange To End Hunger is a month-long campaign throughout September to raise awareness about hunger in New York City.

Donate $1 at any of our NYC stores and you’ll receive a FREE orange reusable bowl. All of the proceeds will be donated to Food Bank For New York City.

View your closest location here.

While supplies last. Limit one per customer per visit.

Organic Quinoa @ Just Salad


At Just Salad, we recognize the importance of serving you the highest-quality ingredients possible, which is why we are proud to offer a variety of fresh, organic options including Organic Quinoa.

Pronounced KEEN-wah, Organic Quinoa is an incredibly healthy grain, and it is the perfect addition to any diet. Gluten-free, antioxidant-rich, and packed with healthy minerals, it is no surprise that quinoa is an increasingly popular “superfood.”  High in protein and fiber, this superfood will also keep you full, and can help increase metabolism!

Organic Quinoa is yet another delicious, good-for-you ingredient to add to your next salad.

 (Availability of organic items may change due to weather or other conditions.)

Organic Black Beans @ Just Salad


Organic Black Beans are yet another nutritious, organic option available at your local Just Salad!

At Just Salad, we are dedicated to serving our customers the healthiest ingredients possible, which is why we serve a variety of organic items, including Organic Black Beans. Organic Black Beans contain vitamins and minerals that can help maintain healthy bones, lower blood pressure, and support healthy digestion.

For a full list of high-quality, organic options, click here.

(Availability of organic items may change based on weather and other factors.) 

Organic Chickpeas @ Just Salad


Enjoy the delicious taste of our Organic Chickpeas at all of our Just Salad locations!

Also known as garbanzo beans, our Organic Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein and fiber, which are essential to human health. Chickpeas are also packed with iron, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K, which all contribute to maintaining bone structure and building strength. And, since they’re organic, these chickpeas have been grown naturally, without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Our Organic Chickpeas are a must for any salad lover. View all of our organic items here.

(Availability of organic items may change based on weather and other conditions.)

Organic + Local Kale @ Just Salad


We’re proud to offer Local + Organic Kale at Just Salad! We’ve partnered with our friend and farmer, Dave Jackson, who owns Enterprise Farm in South Deerfield, MA.

At Just Salad, it’s important to partner with people who are committed to farming practices that protect the environment and uphold the integrity of the food we serve. Eating organic means customers don’t have to worry about potentially harmful pesticides; you’ll be enjoying Kale exactly as nature meant for it to taste. Locally-sourced, organic Kale is an ingredient that you can feel great about!

Our Organic Kale is so fresh, you’ll be eating it 48-hours after it’s been picked! Farmer Dave picks and packs the Organic Kale, ships it to our commissary where we wash and prep it, then it’s delivered to our stores and served.

Local, organic, fast. Check out the full list of organic ingredients here.

Organic Mesclun @ Just Salad

Organic-MesclunWe are proud to offer this colorful Organic Mesclun mix at your local Just Salad! 

Looking for variety in your leafy salad base? Our Organic Mesclun Mix can include endive, chicory, dandelion greens, lettuce, spinach, sorrel, chard, mustard, arugula, radicchio, chervil, and many more. These tender young greens are full of flavor and since, they’re organic, they’re grown naturally, without any synthetic materials like pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms.

Build your own beautiful salad today with our Organic Mesclun. View all of our organic items here.

Organic Arugula @ Just Salad

Organic-ArugulaWe’re proud to offer Organic Arugula at your local Just Salad!

Also known as the rocket leafy green, adding Organic Arugula is an easy way to launch your salad with spice. Unlike traditional romaine lettuce, this vegetable adds a peppery flavored kick to your salad.

With its high levels of dietary nitrate, healthy vitamins and minerals, our Organic Arugula has extraordinary health benefits. Organic ingredients are grown naturally, without any synthetic materials like pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. At Just Salad, we’re dedicated to providing the healthiest ingredients to our customers. It’s part of the Just Salad promise.

Boost your diet with our long list of organic options. Check out the full list here.

Introducing Just Salad’s Biggest Fan: Julie!

IMG_2584 (1)

(From left to right: Julie’s Friends, Just Salad CEO & Co-Founder Nick, Julie)

Julie is the first Just Salad fan to unlock the Addict Status in our Just Salad Loyalty App! To celebrate, we invited Julie to join Just Salad CEO and co-founder Nick Kenner for dinner at our Murray Hill location. It was a night of salads, smoothies, & more salads.

Julie, who works from her home office everyday, relies on Just Salad to deliver exactly what she wants for lunch and dinner. “Just Salad keeps me on track with my health goals,” she said, noting that she is weight and health-conscious. Julie gets the same salad nearly every day and never gets tired or bored of it. She loves that her salad is always fresh and always delicious. Even more, Julie says, “I love how Just Salad’s menu options change with the seasons. I get excited every time they add figs to the menu”.

She is famous at the Murray Hill Just Salad location and knows knows all the delivery guys and some of the choppers and toppers. She recently went to her favorite store and a Just Salad employee started building her make-your-own salad. “Hey,” he said, “I know your salad! I build it every day.”

We’re proud to call Julie our Biggest Fan. Thanks Julie!