Just Salad has partnered with Enterprise Farm to provide you with Local + Organic Kale! Founded in 1984 by organic farmer Dave Jackson, Enterprise Farm is one of the longest-running certified organic farms in nearby Massachusetts. Their kale is served to Just Salad customers 48 hours after it’s picked!



Just Salad sources goat cheese from Coach Farms, located only a couple hours outside of New York City. This 900-acre French Alpine dairy goat farm produces fresh, premium, all-natural Grade A goat’s milk cheeses. Just Salad is proud to provide award-winning cheese from Coach Farms!



Lipman Produce provides us with farm-fresh, local cherry tomatoes from Vineland, New Jersey. We love Lipman Produce because of the care that they have taken to implement sustainability initiatives. Just like us, they want to do their part to help protect and preserve the environment, all while serving delicious food to their customers.


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