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We define “local” as any ingredient that is sourced from a farm located within 350 miles of the restaurant where it is served. We purchase in-season ingredients from local family farms, to better serve our community in a sustainable and economical manner.

We buy local because we’re passionate about:

  • Our Environment: limiting our food mileage and reducing our environmental impact
  • Our Community: supporting local farmers, growers, and producers to benefit local economies
  • Our Customers: we source crops harvested at peak freshness for outstanding quality and flavor
  1. ingredients

  2. Basil – Chicago, IL
  3. Beets – Grant, MI
  4. Blue Cheese – Lincolnshire, IL
  5. Bread – Chicago, IL
  6. Buttermilk – Peoria, IL
  7. Cucumbers – Grand Rapids, MI
  8. Feta Cheese -Monroe, WI
  9. Grape Tomatoes - Grand Rapids, MI
  10. Green Peppers - Grand Rapids, MI
  11. Jalapenos - Grand Rapids, MI
  12. Kale – Franksville, WI
  13. Red Cabbage – Franksville, WI
  14. Sour Cream – Peoria, IL
  15. White Cheddar – WI

All items are sourced when available and in-season

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