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New app deets

Everything you need to know

How can I download the new app? 

Download the new app by visiting the app store or google play.

How can I opt into rewards? 

  1. Download the app by visiting the app store or google play. 
  2. Select the rewards icon at the bottom of your app screen. 
  3. Toggle "Opt into rewards via personalized email."

I’m having technical issues with the app. 

We're here to help! If you're experiencing a tech issue with our mobile app, please follow these steps:  

1. Close and re-open the app. This will resolve most issues. If you're not sure how to, follow the instructions provided in the links below: 

2. If you're still seeing an error, please email [email protected] to resolve this issue. For the fastest support, attach a screen recording of the issue.

Can I still pay in-store using the mobile app? 

While you can’t use the app to pay in-store, you can still go wallet-free with apple pay and google pay. 

Do I have to add new payment information?

Yes, please add your payment information to the new app for easy reordering. 

Need more help? Reach out to [email protected]