Healthy For Everyone
Come one, come all, for the best lunch (and dinner) in town.

Everyday Fresh

Our produce arrives fresh daily. We serve it raw, roasted, baked, or steamed. Never canned. No fake sh*t.


Logically Local

In-season, local ingredients when they are at optimal freshness. It’s the way our farmers would want it.


Proactive Proteins

We only source from farms that treat our protein right. Whether it’s grass-fed beef, sustainable seafood, or antibiotic-free chicken.


Organic & Non-GMO

A big priority is sourcing the right ingredients. It’s always on our mind so it doesn’t have to be on yours.

More taste, Less waste.
Our reusable bowls help save over 75,000 pounds of plastic every year. Buy it once for $1 and receive free toppings with every visit. Now isn’t that sustainable?
Our Stores
Our stores bring the best and freshest to locals like you. From farms and suppliers who are locals, too.
Gotham Farms
Meet Our Farmers
Gotham Greens
Brooklyn, NY
Gotham Greens is a leading producer in local, pesticide free, and sustainable produce. All of the greens they grow are grown in clean energy urban rooftop greenhouses. They are the reason why our Basil is so deliciously fresh!
Meet Our Farmers
Orwashers Bakery
Brooklyn, NY
Our toast boxes all start with Orwashers Bakery’s custom hand-made bread. They're passionate about the thing they do best: fresh artisanal baking. That's why we get their bread delivered fresh to every store, every day.
Cabot Farms
Meet Our Farmers
Cabot Creamery
Waitsfield, VT
Since 1919 Cabot Creamery has created their cheese with the help of their family run farms. Every farm works together on improving sustainable practices, and of course, making the best tasting cheese.
Just Move Fitness Series
Just Move
Adding more flavor to your fitness routine with free or discounted fitness classes. Check back soon for our next series.