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Healthy for Everyone

We're still chopping, just on our time, not yours!

Earlier this year, across most Just Salad locations, we started cutting our ingredients smaller during the day so we could remove the need to chop. The result: a faster, better, and smoother experience for you!   

The benefits of our new process:

Fresher: We don't bruise our ingredients a second time with a mezzaluna knife. As a result, more nutrients are preserved. 

Better tasting: Each ingredient is now sized correctly, croutons are left whole while romaine is much smaller, the way it ought to be!

Faster: Your time matters! We’ll have you in-and-out in under 8 minutes and our pick-ups are ready in 15 minutes.

Smoother Experience: No more trying to find out what chopper has your salad! Plus, it's a quieter and more relaxing experience overall.

Allergen friendly: Removes cross contamination issues that were previously hard to prevent.

A cleaner environment: No more having salads fly all over the place, something our employees truly appreciate as well. 

New Pick 2 Promo: We are now able to give you the best deal out there, Pick 2!

Customers have overwhelmingly appreciated the change. Every store that has transitioned to the new process has higher customer satisfaction ratings and has seen more customer visits. We know it’s a big change but we also know it’s a great change.

What makes Just Salad truly special is the quality of our food, our friendly service, our value and our commitment to sustainability by having the World’s Largest Restaurant Reusable Program

Stop in to check out the new and improved Just Salad experience for yourself!

Nick Kenner 
Founder & CEO