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Just Salad's Reusable Bowl

Healthy for you + the planet

Break the cycle of waste + join the longest-running reusable packaging program in the restaurant industry.

We offer two reusable bowl programs—MyBowl and BringBack—to provide a convenient waste-free dining experience.

MyBowl Program: In-Store Ordering

We’ve been offering reusable bowls since our founding in 2006. At all Just Salad locations, you can order your salad or warm bowl in a reusable MyBowl.

Every time you reuse your MyBowl, you reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use!*

How MyBowl Works:

Purchase the MyBowl at any Just Salad location for just $1–it’s yours to keep! Every time you reuse your bowl for in-store orders, you receive one FREE topping. 

To learn more, watch our video and read about our contactless refill procedure here.

Tell a Just Salad teammate you’d like your order in a reusable bowl today. Every time you reuse, you're reducing carbon emissions and waste—one salad at a time.

*Environmental Life Cycle Assessment 

Between 2021-2022, we partnered with the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology (NYP2I) to perform an environmental life cycle assessment on our reusable MyBowl and disposable fiber bowl. A summary of the findings is here. The full report is here

BringBack Program: Digital Pickup Ordering

Launched in 2021, our BringBack program is currently available as a pilot program on the Just Salad App only at participating locations.

How BringBack Works:

  1. Open your Just Salad app + select BringBack Bowl Pickup to have your meal prepared in a green returnable bowl. 

  2. Enjoy your meal, then return your bowl to the drop-off bin located at any participating location (we’ll handle the cleaning!)

  • Midtown (52nd + 6th)

  • Yorkville (83rd + 3rd)

  • Murray Hill (40th + 3rd )

  • Midtown East (46th + 3rd)

  • Midtown West (49th + 8th)

  • Lenox Hill (70th + 1st)

  • Midtown East (55th + Lexington)

  • Park Slope (5th + 7th Ave)

  • Jersey City (Newport Tower) 

  • Port St. Lucie, Florida

We look forward to rolling out this program at more locations and in our app soon! 

FAQs about BringBack are here.


The MyBowl applies to orders placed in-store. You’ll purchase a bowl for $1 and receive a free topping (like avocado) with every reuse. This bowl is yours to keep, and can only be used in-store.

The BringBack Bowl allows you to place an app order for pickup in a green returnable bowl. You’ll return this bowl to any participating Just Salad location. We’ll take care of the cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Are your reusable bowls the same size as disposable containers? 

Yes! Though the shape is different, both our reusable bowls and disposable containers hold the same amount of food.

Are your reusable bowls dishwasher safe?

Yes! Our reusable bowls have been tested for dishwasher safety. 

Still Have Questions?

Email [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you!