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Online Ordering Goes Zero-Waste

Introducing our Green Bowl Program

Want to order food without all the waste? Our Zero-Waste Pickup Program, now in beta mode, lets you order salads in our signature Reusable Bowl. Simply return the bowl to participating Just Salad locations and we'll take care of washing and sanitation.


How does your Zero-Waste Pickup program work? How does it differ from the Just Salad Reusable Bowl program?

Our Zero-Waste Pickup program allows you to order a salad in a green Reusable Bowl and return the bowl to a participating Just Salad location. We take care of the washing + sanitation. 

In contrast, under our in-store Reusable Bowl program, you buy a blue bowl for $1 and receive a free topping with every use of the bowl in-store. So under one program, you "rent" a bowl, and in the other, you own it. 

Where is your Zero-Waste Pickup program available?

This program is currently available at one Just Salad location: 600 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016 (between 39th St. & 40th St.)

How and where do I return my Reusable Bowl?

Bowls should be returned to the drop-off bin at 600 3rd Ave.

Should I clean my bowl before returning it?

Please give the bowl a rinse before returning it. It will be professionally cleaned before going out to the next customer.  

How are your bowls cleaned?

Our bowls are professionally washed and sanitized in accordance with health codes that apply to all types of reusable and dine-in containers. 

Are reusables safe during COVID?

Yes, global health experts have stated that reusables are safe to use. Read their statement here.

Can I keep my green Reusable Bowl?

To maximize the environmental benefits of this program, return your bowl to the store so we can wash it, sanitize it, and put it back into circulation. The green Reusable Bowl cannot be used for in-store ordering.

Still have questions? Email [email protected] and we'll get right back to you!